The Emerald City Dragons Series





A Seattle detective is about to discover that the world is not what it seems.


The Alley Of Secrets

Three people are dead from long falls. Two were discovered in alleys, but the latest victim was found on the roof of a skyscraper. All the bodies were wearing identical ancient daggers.

 What’s the connection?

 With time running out, Detective Carter Malloy must piece together the clues before powerful forces close in on him.


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Magical beasts are hunting Alley Ward, a college student with a deadly secret she’s kept hidden for years.

Alley Ward has a secret—the kind of secret that can level a city block. Her plan had always been simple: Complete her medical doctorate and find a permanent cure for her unstable “condition”. But things aren’t simple anymore. Now she’s being hunted by dangerous creatures that can hide among us.

Now there’s a new plan: Stay alive.

Will Alley survive long enough to unravel the truth behind her mysterious past and help prevent a war that threatens to destroy our world?





She’s lost in another world. He’s launched a secret mission to track her down. Getting caught could lead to war—and certain death.


The Lost Warden

Against the Council’s orders, a rogue Warden embarks on a secret mission to track down his missing partner. Danger is around every turn and luck is running out. Will he find her in time or will he be caught and plunge our world into conflict?


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Book 2 : Forthcoming


Book 3 : Forthcoming